Lance and Caitlin are dear friends of ours. They have been married for eight years but together for almost fourteen. We headed down to Ghent in Norfolk with them on a warm Saturday afternoon to explore and take some “just because” pictures. There’s just something about the privilege of getting to photograph people you know well, being able to recognize their genuine love for one another in every laugh and eye roll. Check it out!

Walters_FEB_2016-1 Walters_FEB_2016-28 Walters_FEB_2016-26 Walters_FEB_2016-21 Walters_FEB_2016-19 Walters_FEB_2016-41 Walters_FEB_2016-6Walters_FEB_2016-43 Walters_FEB_2016-98 Walters_FEB_2016-96 Walters_FEB_2016-10 Walters_FEB_2016-11
Walters_FEB_2016-93 Walters_FEB_2016-87 Walters_FEB_2016-76 Walters_FEB_2016-67 Walters_FEB_2016-63 Walters_FEB_2016-61 Walters_FEB_2016-57 Walters_FEB_2016-48

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