About Us

Who We Are

Overflow Media is a small production company based out of Virginia Beach, VA, founded in 2010 by Jordan Bassett. Overflow provides graphic design, custom video production, and event photography to churches and other non-profits, as well as photography for senior pictures, family portraits, engagements, and stylized shoots. Feel free to browse our website, and contact us with questions or inquiries! We would love to hear your ideas and try new locations and styles – check out our dance photos in the On Pointe album! Jordan, his wife Lauren, and their adorable golden retriever, Finn, are pictured below.


Our Stance on Photo Editing

We strongly believe that each person is created beautifully and we don’t want to mess with that beauty. We have seen too many photos of people we love that have been altered to the point that they do not look like the people that we love. For this reason, we do not heavily edit the photos that we take. You might be asking what defines “heavily”. Well, we believe that wrinkles, birthmarks, freckles, waistlines, scars, hair color, and so many more attributes show the beauty of a person and tell their personal story. We do not edit those things out because we want your pictures to look like you. However, we do recognize that things happen and annoyances, such as untimely acne, pop up and we hate acne (yeah we hate it – I said it, mom) as much as you do and would be happy to remove these temporary blemishes in your photos.