Clara is a dancer, and for her 13th birthday she wanted some pictures of her and her friends doing what they love. It was a blast learning about dance – I think I can now accurately identify an arabesque – and being able to capture these pictures in a Virginia Beach park on a balmy Saturday in January.

 Clara_Birthday_2016-2 Clara_Birthday_2016-14 Clara_Birthday_2016-35 Clara_Birthday_2016-38 Clara_Birthday_2016-121 Clara_Birthday_2016-106 Clara_Birthday_2016-101 Clara_Birthday_2016-97 Clara_Birthday_2016-93 Clara_Birthday_2016-90 Clara_Birthday_2016-74 Clara_Birthday_2016-65 Clara_Birthday_2016-49 Clara_Birthday_2016-45 Clara_Birthday_2016-40

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